PROLAST Luxury Training Gloves with Hook and Loop Closure Blue/Black

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  • The best boxing glove brand you can ever choose. Recommended for sparring, heavy bags and training in general.
  • Designed with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality material handmade from MADE IN USA. Manufactured under a strict of the very best kind control in leather and all the materials.
  • The long-lasting latex foam padding gives your knuckles the support they need and a great effect in every punch, while the water repellent linings prevent moisture from entering the padding and keeps the glove weight constant.
  • The Training Gloves with Hook & and Loop closure have an attached thumb which prevent eye injuries and keep the thumb from being broken or sprained while training.
  • Weight suggested by professional trainers: 12oz until 129 lbs, 14oz for 130 to 159 lbs, 16oz and 18oz for 160 lbs. and up.